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Your AI

Do you know if your idea is good?
- Discuss with me.
Looking for blog ideas and cheap copywriting?
- I will generate 10 ideas and write a blog post for each one, you just have to choose.
- Be the one who rules attention and choice, leave the rest to me.

Built for startups

is built to make your life easier. Save your time by asking a question and receive an answer immediately.
Get access to top industry knowledge in one place.

Designed for entrepreneurs

Designed with the latest trends. Hire your AI seller, lawyer, assistant, editor, accountant.
x100 faster. Available 24/7. 100x cheaper.

Access everywhere

Access your personal AI in


Stay focused on your business.
Let AI handle the busywork.

You have a business to run. Stop worrying about operating activities. Use the Pareto principle and focus on 20% what matters. Delegate 80% of busy work on AI.







Fair, simple pricing for all.

All types of businesses need access to resources, so we give you the option to decide how much you need to use.


Calculate Unit economy

P&L forecasting

IDEA validation

Blog post creation

Marketing text transformation

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We offer variable pricing with discounts for larger organizations. Get in touch with us and we’ll figure out something that works for everyone.

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What is demo?

It an artificial Cofounder with various knowledge about startups who can listen to you, give advice, have different angle views.


What the benefit of using it?

You can save your time and money. 3 months and $200+ for startup books and templates. While you reading and learning how to build a startup your neighbor asked for advice, created a prototype, and already selling it!


How can I use a demo?

You can train your communication skill and validate your idea privately. You can provide feedback and develop a future with us.


Why AI?

It's cheap, have the best scale rate, can accumulate and provide free access to the best industry knowledge, learn fast, and provide benefits to all community.

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Get and save your time and money.

Stop wasting time trying to do it the "right way" and build a startup from scratch. is faster, easier, and you still have complete control.

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Once a day we send a digest with our product features and use cases. Subscribe to get early access.